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HSM ’18 – Inspiration: Challenge #2 Under

It's almost February, so it's high time to get some inspiration for the next challenge of The Historical Sew Monthly. The theme for challenge #2 is Under: Make something that goes under the other layers. For your historical wardrobe, undergarments are essential as they build the base and foundation of your outfit. They protect your clothes… Continue reading HSM ’18 – Inspiration: Challenge #2 Under

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Historical Sew Monthly ’17: Challenge #10: Out of Your Comfort Zone

The year is going on so fast, that for the Historical Sew Monthly we're already facing Challenge #10: Out of Your Comfort Zone. To participate, create a garment from a time period you haven’t done before, or that uses a new skill or technique that you’ve never tried before. I don't know what's out of your… Continue reading Historical Sew Monthly ’17: Challenge #10: Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Why I love my thimble (CoBloWriMo Day 18)

I finally managed another blogpost - yay! Today is Fave Friday at CoBloWriMo and the theme is Favourite Tool. When first reading the prompt list for this years challenges and seeing this theme, I immediately thougt of my seam ripper! 😀 Now two weeks later and actually writing a post, I thought again. Seam ripper… Continue reading Why I love my thimble (CoBloWriMo Day 18)