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My first blog post – finally!

Hello dear costuming world and others who might have found their way here!

Finally I get to start this blog and write my first blog post! It took me quite some time. I first wanted to start a blog in 2013, when The Dreamstress started ‘The Historical Sew Fortnightly’. I saw all the beautiful historical garments everyone made and then blogged about, that I too wanted to be part of that community and show the world what I’m doing.

But the first hindrance was finding a suitable name for my blog. It actually took me more than two years. I wanted something with a ‘K’, because my first name is Kristina with a ‘K’. It is not really rare in Germany, but not as common as Christina with a ‘Ch’. I remember all these years in school when every new teacher I had, spelled my name wrong. It was annoying! When I came to know Anne of Green Gables I immediately understood her feelings about the importance of being called ‘Anne spelled with an ‘e”. The ‘K’ is special, it is mine and I love it! But my dream blog name with a ‘K’ was already taken, so I decided to use ‘Ninka’. This is not even a real name where I live, but the name my oldest niece gave me, when she was little. I thought that it couldn’t possibly be used by someone else, and it wasn’t. At least not with ‘Fräulein’. That means ‘Miss’ in German. Officially, in Germany we don’t differentiate between married and unmarried women through the title anymore. But in my opinion ‘Fräulein’ sounds so much lovelier than ‘Frau’. And as it’s a historical title, it fits the major theme of this blog 😉

Next up was deciding where to start this blog – which took me another year to decide. I am not good at making decisions… Now I’m re-writing the post I had already written a year ago. And finally, it all feels right. And good!

So, what’s this blog about? As I already wrote in the beginning, this shall be a way for me to present my adventures in historical sewing to other costumers and costume interested people. But I also want to show my non-historical works on here, let it be in sewing, knitting, crochet or any other (textile) craft I might try (I definitely want to do embroidery soon!), or something completely different, I just want to write about.

But the truth is, that I don’t really do much sewing and crafting in general. For about seven years now, I wander through the internet on websites and blogs and gaze at other people’s makings. In my mind I’ve already planned many projects. I’ve decided several times on a period to start a wardrobe (only today it was 1916 – again!). In theory, I have sewn several corsets, chemises, dresses… But after being a quiet observer and dreamer for years now, I finally want to start making things myself! And this blog is going to help me do so!

I hope that you enjoy my posts. And if you do, please leave a comment and tell me about your blog, if you have one. I might already have visited you there 🙂

With Love and excitement (!!!),




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